Good Statistical Record Keeping

statistical analysis

For each and every business, no matter how small or large, the keeping of records is crucial. If you do not keep track of all your financial receipts, for instance, you could be liable in more ways than one. And the more complex your business structure is, the more important consummate statistical analysis of your documentation and/or data will be.

The excuse that has been laid at the in-trays of clerks representing the authorities has always been that there was simply no time for the exercise. And whether there was no time, or more than enough time, the excuse was one of professed ignorance. And then there would be a plea for mercy. The complexities of fact-checking and record keeping have diminished. This is interesting in the sense that it is due to the complexities of another system.

The layman or woman is simply overawed or overwhelmed at the intricacies of the architectural structures of software technology and the World Wide Web. But the process has been made easier for this layman and woman. As a business owner with serious intentions, do not consider yourself in this light. You are a professional and you need to act accordingly. Actions speak louder than well-meant intentions.

Part of being professional means having the ability to delegate and with willingness to boot. Devolve responsibilities of your business to significant others, each in their turn professionals in their own right. The work of the statistical analyst is complex indeed. To carry out the work with aplomb, a range of qualified skills and abilities are required. Anything from the gift for numbers to the disciplined resilience to cope with the seemingly mundane and you get the picture.

Good statistical record keeping is a good but necessary practice.

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